Geometry, Art, and Architecture is a unique new class. We combined the three subjects into one by doing projects and going on exciting field trips. Mrs. Mulick and Mrs. Locker team teach; this was different to us as none of had ever been in a class in which two teachers taught. Because this was a new course, the tasks throughout the year were based on our abilities. And although they were challenging and very thought provoking, we all had fun.

In the beginning of the year we learned about a basic architecture component, the golden rectangle. It is a rectangle that is repeated in architecture because it is naturally pleasing to the eye. The sides of the rectangle correspond with the golden ratio, 1: ~1.618. We constructed it a few times with straight edges and compasses and then incorporated into a mix media collage along with classic art.

After that we took a trip to The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture. We took a tour of the students’ studio while they were finishing projects. I remember most one of the floors of the school that definitely looked “worked-in”. The desks were covered in coffee cups, food wrappers, and architecture model materials, we even saw a bike in the studio. We listened to a very alternative woman speak about the history of architecture at the school. Seeing the students made me think fast forward in my mind and wonder if I would ever be in their positions working as an aspiring architect.

We got to experience this life, on a smaller scale, when we researched architecture styles. First we picked an architecture style, and then we researched an architect that specializes in that architectural style. After that, we wrote a podcast about both. I studied Spanish Colonial Revival Style and George Washington Smith. When the written component was done we made scale models of one of our own designs using components of the specific style.

All of our models were shown in a case at our school during the student art show.

All of our models were shown in a case at our school during the student art show.

And then we tried our bests at converting these physical models to digital models, using a computer program called, Google Sketch-up. This brought on many challenges to all of us, but in the end we got them done and we were very satisfied and proud. We were sure to learn some geometric components as well. But not your basic geometric shapes. Towards the end of the year we studied the five platonic solids. They are shapes in which all of the sides are the same size and shape and the number of sides depends on the name. These are hard to make out of paper and glue because the net drawing (unfolded shape) consists of a lot of small squares, triangles, and pentagons. And then our teachers asked us to make the solids out of food or in Google Sketch-up. I chose to do food because I am not very tech savvy. I made a tetrahedron out of rice krispy treats. This is made out of four big flat triangles and then set up in a pyramid like formation. My tetrahedron project:

rice krispytetrahedron My tetrahedron project

Throughout the trimester we have gone on more field trips than any trimester class I have ever been in. and once I heard Mrs. Mulick call us the “Wellington MAFIA” and she explained that it is an acronym for Moving Art Force In Action.

My favorite field trip was WD Partners. wd Partners

wd Partners wd Partners

It is a progressive architectural firm that does everything from building aesthetics to product packaging design. I loved looking around the firm at all of their projects and I can definitely see myself working somewhere like that after I graduate.

As my final project I researched the Franklin Park Conservatory, a landmark in Columbus:

Franklin Park Conservatory franklin-park-conservatory

Overall the Geometry, Art, and Architecture class or as we like to say, “gaa” was very fun and challenging. I loved the change in speed of the classroom. And the projects were very unique to any other art or math class. But I would also like to say to upcoming GAA students that you should be ready to work and come with a mind full of ideas. This class is great college prep and an all around great learning experience.

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